Privacy Policy

Positive Source24  is a news website that values the privacy of our readers as much as it evaluates its readership. The following document expresses the major tenets of the privacy policy of Positive Source24. Readers are requested to keep reading this document to know the current privacy policy and the significant changes that may be made in the course of time.

Collection of Information from Users

Positive Source24 is an interactive website that may collect different types of information from its readers as well as other users. However, the type of data being collected depends upon the type of interaction that the user is involved in. On this basis, the data collection can be categorized into two.

Non-Personal Information

This type of information is not associated with an individual in any way. It means that it is quite general and cannot be used for tracking of any sort. Some examples include the area from which a user is, the ISP details and the device the user is browsing the website from. It needs to be noted that this kind of information can’t be consisting of names or email addresses. Even so, Positive Source24  makes sure that this information is kept at the best secure locations.

Personal Information

This type of information is more sensitive since it can link to an individual. For instance, this type includes a lot of information such as your email address, physical address, name, and credentials like a password. It may be required by the website when you are performing actions like placing a comment or subscribing to the email newsletter that we are offering. We maintain the highest security and retention policies for this kind of data, but we may have to provide it to the authorities when demanded.

As we said earlier, Planet Newsdesk offers the highest amount of security for both kinds of information.

IP Logging

Apart from the methods mentioned above of data collection, Positive Source24 will be logging the IP addresses of devices that the website is accessed from. This is used for statistical purposes, such as knowing the number of visits and other metrics.

Use of Cookies

Positive Source24 is against the use of web cookies for individual tracking. Positive Source24 does not use cookies for any tracking purposes, but the same may be helpful in enhancing the user-experienced. Although the user can disable storing cookies on their devices, we recommend not doing this, since that can compromise the user experience.

Positive Source24  reserves the complete right to make changes to the Privacy Policy document without a direct intimation to the users.